Feren Isles

Feren Isles crafts electronic pop that is both architecturally complex and reverberating with emotion.

A talented keyboardist, songwriter and producer, Feren Isles brings his songs to life through his alluring baritone voice and confessional lyrics. Based in Montréal, he completed a master’s degree in music theory at McGill University, focusing on contemporary experimental and electronic music. With influences ranging from Ace of Base to Darkchild to Stockhausen, this is nostalgic new wave reimagined: bright catchy hooks tinged with melancholy, rapid flickering percussion, lyrically earnest explorations of contemporary alienation, all deftly balanced.

Throughout 2021, Feren Isles will be releasing singles from his upcoming debut album It Finds Me: eleven compelling tracks submerged in themes of anxiety, repression, relationships and intrinsic self-worth. Produced and recorded throughout 2020, It Finds Me was mixed by James Benjamin (Purity Ring, CFCF, Kaytranada) at Breakglass Studios in Montréal. Beginning with the release of the wistful yet mesmerizing title track and music video for “It Finds Me” in January, followed by the release of the upbeat and playful “The Wrong Seduction” in February, Feren Isles set an impressive pace for sharing his journey of healing and self-discovery through his textured, expressive pop music.

A versatile collaborator, Feren Isles created the musical arrangements for and performed in Dear Alanis alongside irreverent comedienne Tranna Wintour (co-host of CBC’s Chosen Family podcast) at the 2019 Just For Laughs Off-JFL Festival, as well as performing with her on the outdoor stage at Fierté Montréal/Montréal Pride. Later that fall, he gave an entrancing demonstration and performance at the launch party of Zupiter, a browser-based modular synthesizer designed by Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert.

In 2019 Feren Isles self-released his first EP, Survival, featuring three introspective songs reconciling his Mennonite heritage with his queer identity. Growing up in the rural prairies of Canada, music was an integral part of his upbringing in both religious and academic  environments. Exploring the dissonance and tension of his coming out experience on this EP, Feren Isles reclaims his relationship with music, arriving at authentic self-expression through cathartic pop compositions.